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Marin Thomas Booklist



Romantic Women's Fiction: 


  The Future She Left Behind Marin Thomas ISBN 978-0451476302 Penguin/Berkley September 2017

  The Promise of Forgiveness Marin Thomas ISBN 978-0451476296 Penguin/NAL March 2016

Contemporary Romance: 

  New Year's at the Graff (Holiday at the Graff #3) Marin Thomas Tule Publishing December 2017

  Sweet Home Cowboy (Love at the Chocolate Shop #9) Marin Thomas ASIN: B071HG6FS2 Tule Publishing June 2017

Independant Western Romance Novella: 

  The Bull Rider’s Pledge: Rodeo Knights Marin Thomas June 2017

Western Romance: 

Cowboys Of Stampede, Texas Series: 

  Lone Star Father Marin Thomas ISBN 978-1335699725 Harlequin LTD June 2018


  Twins for the Texas Rancher Marin Thomas ISBN 978-0373757756 Harlequin LTD September 2017

  The Cowboy's Accidental Baby Marin Thomas ISBN 978-0373757602 Harlequin LTD May 2017

Cowboys Of The Rio Grande Series: 

  A Cowboy's Claim Marin Thomas 978-0373756155 Harlequin LTD April 2016


  The Surgeon's Christmas Baby Marin Thomas 978-0373755936 Harlequin LTD November 2015 

  A Cowboy's Redemption  Marin Thomas 978-0373755721 Harlequin LTD June 2015 


The Cash Brothers Series: 

  A Cowboy of Her Own Marin Thomas 978-373755509 Harlequin LTD January 2015 

  True Blue Cowboy  Marin Thomas 978-0373755301 Harlequin LTD August 2014 

  The Cowboy's Destiny Marin Thomas 978-0373755196 Harlequin LTD May 2014 

  Her Secret Cowboy Marin Thomas 978-0373755073 Harlequin LTD February 2014 

  The Cowboy Next Door Marin Thomas 978-0373754632 Harlequin LTD July 2013 

  Twins Under The Christmas Tree Marin Thomas 978-0373754731 Harlequin LTD October 2013 



Rodeo Rebels Series: 

  No Ordinary Cowboy Marin Thomas 978-0373754519 Harlequin LTD April 2013 

  A Cowboy's Duty Marin Thomas 978-0373754182 Harlequin LTD August 2012 

  Arizona Cowboy Marin Thomas 978-0373753932 Harlequin LTD February 2012 

  A Rodeo Man's Promise Marin Thomas 9780373753864 Harlequin LTD December 2011 

  Rodeo Daddy Marin Thomas 978-0373753567 Harlequin LTD April 2011 

  The Bull Rider’s Secret Marin Thomas 978-0373753680 Harlequin LTD July 2011 


  No Ordinary Cowboy & A Rodeo Man's Promise Marin Thomas 9780373601646 Harlequin LTD July 2015


The Cartwright Siblings Series: 

  Roughneck Cowboy Marin Thomas 978-0373753451 Harlequin LTD February 2011 

  Samantha's Cowboy Marin Thomas 978-0373752577 Harlequin LTD August 2009 

  A Cowboy’s Promise Marin Thomas 978-0373752577 Harlequin LTD April 2009 

  The Cowboy and the Angel Marin Thomas 978-0373752409 Harlequin LTD November 2008 



Hearts of Appalachia Series: 

  A Coal Miner's Wife Marin Thomas 978-0373752287 Harlequin LTD August 2008 

  In a Soldier's Arms Marin Thomas 978-0373752041 Harlequin LTD February 2008 

  For The Children Marin Thomas 978-0373751884 Harlequin LTD October 2007 



The McKade Brothers Series: 

  Ryan's Renovation Marin Thomas 978-0373751792 Harlequin LTD August 2007 

  Nelson in Command Marin Thomas 978-0373751525 Harlequin LTD January 2007 

  Aaron Under Construction Marin Thomas 978-0373751884 Harlequin LTD July 2006 



Stand Alone Books: 

  A Mistletoe Christmas Marin Thomas 978-0373838050 Harlequin LTD December 2014 

  Beau: Cowboy Protector Marin Thomas 978-0373754298 Harlequin LTD November 2012


  Dexter: Honorable Cowboy Marin Thomas 978-0373753185 Harlequin LTD July 2010 

  A Cowboy Christmas Marin Thomas 978-0373752928 Harlequin LTD December 2009
  Summer Lovin' Anthology Marin Thomas 978-0373751693 Harlequin LTD June 2007 

  Homeward Bound Marin Thomas 978-0373750832 Harlequin LTD August 2005 

  Daddy by Choice Marin Thomas 978-0373750542 Harlequin LTD January 2005 

  The Cowboy and the Bride Marin Thomas 978-0373750283 Harlequin LTD June 2004

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