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Ghost Hunting Black Swan Inn

Over the 4th of July weekend my family and I headed to San Antonio to visit relatives. Before we got caught up in the fireworks and family cookout I talked my grown children and husband into taking a ghost tour with me at the Black Swan Inn. There's a short video at the end of this blog that my daughter put together with the pictures we took that evening.

Built in 1867 on the site of the 1842 Battle of Salado, Victoria's Black Swan Inn has been a home to some of the most prestigious people in San Antonio's history. The ancient estate has seen the historic Battle of Salado, the Dawson Massacre, Murders, Suicides and Native American Rituals. The historical marker below sits on the property.....

THE BATTLE OF THE SALADO Decisive in Texas History, was fought here, September 18, 1842. Col. Mathew Caldwell and Capt. John C. Hays, commanding a force of Texas volunteers, opposed the Mexican army under General Adrian Woll that had captured San Antonio, and, with the loss of only one man, checked the last Mexican invasion of Texas and thereby prevented the capture of Austin, capital of the Republic of Texas.

Our Tour guide "Bad Wolf" recited a lot of historical facts about the area, people, and property.

Some of you may have seen the TV series Ghost Adventures with host Zak Bagans...they did a show on the Black Swan. After seeing the TV show and then seeing the home in person...I was surprised that the estate was so rundown compared to the TV images. The owner of the home lives in the upstairs rooms and tourists are only alllowed to walk through the lower level. I'm sad to say the ghosts left me alone on our tour--no shoves from behind, whispered words in my ear or hair pulling. Maybe next time....

Have you ever taken a ghost tour or would you like to go on one?

Happy Ghost Hunting!

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