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Lone Star Cowboy Giveaway


Reid Hardell never imagined he’d become a single dad or that he’d ever return to his family’s ranch in Stampede, Texas. But for his newfound daughter’s sake, Reid is coming home, hoping his estranged brothers can help him master fatherhood. Life in Stampede has an unexpected perk—reconnecting with gorgeous Scarlett Johnson. Until Reid discovers she’s the new social worker on his custody case.

In working with Reid and his daughter, Scarlett finds a connection she thought was impossible. She wants more than anything to be part of their family, but a relationship could jeopardize their case and her job. How can she turn away from having everything she’s ever wanted—even if it’s the right thing to do?

My final series for Harlequin Western books revolves around three brothers who are doing their best to look after the family ranch and keep their grandfather, the mayor of Stampede, in line. When Grandpa Emmett’s former high-school flame, widow Amelia Rinehart sets her sights on renovating the old pueblo, Grandpa digs his boot heels in. Amelia enlists the aid of her great nieces from Wisconsin and suddenly the Hardell brothers are having second thoughts about helping their grandfather derail the matriarch's renovation plans.

I’ve written lots of contemporary westerns using different locations for my stories and the Texas Hill Country remains my favorite. Even though I love Texas, my roots are planted deep in my blue-collar hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. When I create towns for my stories, I always include bits and pieces of my old stomping grounds. More often than not you’ll find an old Woolworth building in my stories. I have fond memories of shopping at Woolworth with my grandmother and eating hotdogs at the lunch counter.

The fictitious Woolworth store in Stampede, Texas, closed its doors decades ago and now the basement houses the town library. You’ll find other tidbits of my childhood in this series like traveling carnivals, petting zoos, wheel barrow rides, tree houses, and a beautiful Victorian home much like the ones I grew up near. And what would a series be without a vintage motel in it?


I’m giving away a signed copy of the first book in my Cowboys of Stampede series~THE COWBOY'S ACCIDENTAL BABY. If you opened this newsletter, you’re automatically entered into the drawing—no need to do anything else. I’ll email the winner on Sunday June 10th.

*And congratulations to newsletter subscriber Lacey Waters who won the Texas cookie cutters in my Mother's Day giveaway!

Until next time...happy reading!

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