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Throwback Thursday: The Cowboy’s Destiny

The setting in The Cowboy’s Destiny (May 2014, book 5 in The Cash Brothers series ) is one of my all-time favorites. I created the fictitious town of Lizard Gulch and placed it on the map just off Route 66 in Northern Arizona. I’ve driven this section of Route 66 before and the landscape is breathtaking! Those of you who have followed my writing career know I love including eccentric secondary characters in my books—especially old folks—and I had a lot of fun creating the characters who populated this tiny retirement town. Melba, the owner of the Flamingo Motel was a hoot to write. And since I love anything vintage, I had to include a tacky Route 66 type landmark in the town…The Flamingo Motel, which Melba owned and managed.

What’s the tackiest landmark you’ve ever come across?

"Marin Thomas has come into her own with this delightful tale of a love set in of all places Lizard Gulch. Poor Buck Owens Cash has endured a falling out with his brother and goes off to "give him some time" to get over Buck hiding the information about his son for years. Broke down, miserable, who would believe love might ride in on the back of motorcycle and in the form of a mechanic named Destiny Saunders.

Marin's use of two opposites, a ghost, a miserable manipulative land grabber, and a town so full of quirky characters only she could think up, brings together the absolute perfect mix of ingredients to create a fantastic read you can't put down. If this is her middle book, I can not wait for the rest of the series. This book is an absolute joy to read."

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