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In a Cowboy's Arms - Chapter 4 (Harlequin Extras)

At eighteen, all Sandi Drake wanted was out. Out of the little Texas town that suffocated her. Out of her father’s ranch that didn’t appeal to her bookish interests. And out of the influence of the sexy and irresistible Travis Moretti, the one thing she regretted leaving behind.

Twelve years later, her father’s death brings her back to the Broken T ranch. Back to Travis. Back to the sparks and to the fire that she could never deny—and in her heart of hearts could never forget.

Travis hasn’t forgotten either. Not the way she made him laugh, and not the way she hurt him when she left. Now that she’s returned, they have a second chance. But is it a second chance at love, or another opportunity for her to break his heart?

Copyright © 2008 by Harlequin Books S.A.


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Chapter 4

The Broken T Ranch was home to Travis and always would be. He couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Nor did he want to. He hefted another bale from the corner of the hayloft and dropped it over the edge, where it landed with a smack against the concrete floor below.

What was he going to do if Sandi decided to hang up her corporate career and run the ranch with him? You wish. Sandi would never exchange her high–end salary and jet–setting ways for a herd of cows.

Twelve years ago, she’d been eighteen and eager to explore the world. Fourteen years ago, he’d been eighteen and had already explored the world more than he’d cared to. He’d landed at the ranch, looking for a place to hole up. Somewhere to hide from all the ugliness he’d seen. He’d never expected to stay. Towant to stay. But he had and he did and the rest was history.

Maybe she’s experienced enough of the world and is ready to come home. The Sandi who’d arrived last week was different from the one who’d left after high school. She’d lost the restlessness she’d possessed when he’d first met her. She was more settled, more sure of what she wanted out of life—years ago she’d been young and eager to try new things. Sandi had definitely changed. The problem was he hadn’t. He was still the same old Travis. A man she knew little about.

"Shut up," he muttered to the voice in his head, attempting to block out the thoughts. An hour ago he’d left Sandi at the corral with Princess and he had escaped to the hayloft with the excuse that he needed to move bales. In reality he’d needed breathing room—enough space to take a deep breath without traces of Sandi’s perfume and feminine scent filtering up his nostrils, short–circuiting his brain and spawning nonstop memories of their past together.

With renewed energy—mostly derived from an endless supply of frustration that had been intensifying the past few days, he muscled his way through another twenty–five hay bales, when the creak of the ladder caught his attention.

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