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Gunner + Lydia = Love?

It seems like it's been so long since I've said this's almost release day!

Tomorrow you will be able to get your hands on the first book of my next Harlequin Western Romance series, Cowboys of Stampede, Texas.

The Cowboy's Accidental Baby is the story of Gunner Hardell, serial playboy bronc rider, who is also the part-time manager of the Moonlight Motel. He manages the run-down motel to keep his grandpa off his back but he has better things to do.

Lydia is an interior designer who is hired to renovate the Moonlight. She is waiting for Mr. Right to come into her life, and even though Gunner is definitely Mr. Wrong she finds his sexy good looks and playful personality hard to resist.

Chemistry turns the temperature up between Gunner and Lydia. One night leads to a lifetime of consequences for them both.

Lydia sees Gunner as a playboy cowboy and she is determined to raise their baby on her own. Gunner realizes that he wants Lydia and their baby in his life. Can Gunner prove to Lydia that he can be her Mr. Right and a good father for their child?


"Loved it! Hot sexy cowboy brought to his knees. What's not to love. This one is well written with great characters and I think everyone will enjoy it." ~Bette, goodreads review

"If you want funny and romance this is the book to read." ~Bonnie, goodreads review

"*Swoon* Loved it!!!! Hot and Sex Cowboy Gunner is in for the ride of his life when he meets Lydia. Lydia doesn't put up with Gunner's stunts. I love they way this story unfolds and Lydia's aunt. I highly recommend reading this book." ~Kaylee, goodreads review

"Great story! Really loved the way Gunner's Grampa and Lydia's aunt get involved." ~Tanya, goodreads review

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