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The Future She Left Behind Release Day

THE FUTURE SHE LEFT BEHIND is the perfect end-of-summer, fast-paced read that Goodreads reviewer, Cian O hAnnrachainn says…..

"Authors are advised to "blow something up" in the first five pages of a novel, to grab a reader's attention. Marin Thomas does exactly that in THE FUTURE SHE LEFT BEHIND, blowing up protagonist Katelyn Chandler's comfortable life by introducing a divorce decree that ends twenty years of marriage.THE FUTURE SHE LEFT BEHIND is perfect for a weekend read when you want to escape from the madness of the real world and go to a place where everyone is happy in the end. We need more of that than ever these days."


USA Today Bestselling author Jane Porter says, "A deeply emotional story about family ties, second chances, and the pleasures of taking life one day at a time. Beautiful."

Tall Poppy Author, Amy Impellerizzi says The Future She Left Behind is "Heartwarming and funny, this is a story of family and life - real family and life - with all its warts. And a warm look at what it means to go home again."


If life as you knew it fell to pieces, and you had the chance to start again fresh, what would you do? And would you bring your grumpy mother-in-law along for the ride? Katelyn Pratt, a forty-year-old, newly divorced mother of two, grapples with such questions in the humorous and heartwarming tale of self-discovery, THE FUTURE SHE LEFT BEHIND.

When her husband of twenty years suddenly dumps her for another woman, Katelyn packs the car and hits the road. She intends to leave her life behind by journeying into the past she once knew in her hometown of Little Springs, Texas, in hopes of reconnecting with her mother and rekindling her passion for creating art.

Unfortunately, with every marriage comes baggage. For Katelyn, that’s her manipulative, elitist, pill of a mother-in-law. Shirley Pratt insists on joining Katelyn’s trip after promptly eschewing the retirement community her wayward son attempts to ship her off to. Starting out, Shirley’s behavior is less than polite to the kind people of Little Springs and her frustrated daughter-in-law is just about at wit’s end. But as Katelyn learns to navigate her new life and tame Shirley’s monster-in-law antics, she finds herself falling again for her quaint hometown, along with all the joys of her past—and possibly an old flame.

Perfect for fans of Elin Hilderbrand, Susan Wiggs, and Debbie Macomber, THE FUTURE SHE LEFT BEHIND is an empowering story of self-growth laced with hilarity, all the while casting light on all the small delights of coming home.


The Future She Left Behind is my second romantic women's fiction To celebrate the release, I am giving away a digital copy of my book The Promise of Forgiveness on Amazon!

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