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📚 My Final Harlequin Western Romance Countdown

I’m excited and a little bit sad to share the cover of the final book in my Cowboys of Stampede, Texas series. As many of you have heard, Harlequin Books is phasing out the Western Romance line as of June 2018 and Lone Star Father will be among the final releases for the line in June.

Lone Star Father is the middle brother, Reid Hardell’s story. If you’ve read the previous two books in the series (The Cowboy’s Accidental Baby and Twins for the Texas Rancher) then you’re aware that Reid is the black sheep of the family and years ago he made a conscious choice to keep his distance from the family.

In Lone Star Father Reid Hardell is heading home to Stampede, Texas, because he’s looking for help, raising a daughter he never knew existed until recently. He knows the homecoming won’t be the stuff of fairytales but the last thing he expects waiting for him is a beautiful woman. Scarlett Johnson, the Wisconsin cousin of his brothers’ wives, quickly becomes more than just his daughter’s social worker. When a family secret comes to light Reid must choose a new path forward—one that leads away from his family again or one that allows him stay and put roots down. And this time his choice doesn’t just affect him—it affects his daughter and Scarlett, the woman he’s fallen in love with.

Lone Star Father is available for preorder at all your favorite online retailers. I hope you’ll grab a copy of the book to find out how I’ve wrapped up all the loose ends and to learn if Aunt Amelia has finally convinced Emmett, the Hardell brothers’ grandfather, that it’s time to stop hee-hawing around and marry her!

P.S. My website has a new look~ stop by and take a peek!

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