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My Favorite Sport Will Make You Feel Like Family - Get to Know Denise the Assistant

One of my favorite sports is arena football. I know a lot of people give the what-are-you-talking-about face when I say that, but I love it!

One of my favorite things about it is that it's not just the football game. I've been to quite a few sporting events (I'm a huge sports lover), but arena football is probably the most interactive for the most amount of people.

I know all the teams have different interactive things that they do but my favorite team is of course my team, the Cleveland Gladiators (part of the AFL - Arena Football League)! When you walk into a game with your family, your friends, or just yourself, you are walking into an experience. For me, it's like you are going to a huge family get together. There's activities for kids on the main concourse to keep them occupied and help them get into the game. There's great food. But just like any family get together there are games...the game on the field and games throughout the event.

Have you ever wanted to watch grown adults on little tricycles pedaling to pick up items and pedal back to win a prize? You could find that at an arena football game. Have you ever wanted to cheer along with a mascot while someone is tossing footballs in a container to win a prize? You could find that at an arena football game. Have you ever wanted to catch a football that seconds before was in play and you can keep it? You could find that at an arena football game.

My two favorite parts of the games are the speed of the game so there's no way to not stay interested and there's really no bad seats. I couple of years ago, I signed up for season tickets. Season tickets aren't usually my thing either. But I found myself hooked and wanting to be at every game.

In just the past couple of years from my ticket to Gladiators games, I've seen Naughty By Nature, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and 38 Special (38 Special I got a meet and greet with) in post game concerts. With my season tickets, I've had meet the team events, members events, fun getting to know others members.

Meet the team brings me back to...the games are like being with your family. It's like watching the guys play a game against another team that's visiting. After the games, my team usually has tables on the field for kids to come down and get autographs, kick field goals, and have the experience of being on the field. We could have an amazing win or a horrible loss and there is still a line. I've seen kids get in the same lines every week because they idolize a player and that player take a couple minutes to talk to them. I've seen team members out as a group doing things and it's like catching up with family.

That is my keyword...arena football is family. And that's why I love it, I'm going to a game to hang out with family.

The end of the season is winding down. One game to go...the ArenaBowl. This year it's Philadelphia Soul v Arizona Rattlers playing in Phoenix.

Who will win? I don't know but if you are anywhere near Phoenix on August 26th, go check out the game! You will have a great time! If your team isn't playing, check the list below for the closest city to you and plan on attending a game next year!

American Conference Jacksonville Sharks Orlando Predators Philadelphia Soul Tampa Bay Storm

National Conference Arizona Rattlers Cleveland Gladiators Los Angeles Kiss Portland Steel

Expansion team - 2107 Washington Valor (Washington, D.C.)


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